Don’t Forget About Gutter Maintenance

When it comes to regular home maintenance, it’s easy to forget to clean your gutters. This task is important, though! Failing to clean them can lead to big problems that you don’t want to deal with. At Destin Roofing, we know how critical it is to regularly clean your gutters to ensure they do their […]

3 Tips To Prepare Your Home For A Hurricane

Did you know that hurricanes travel at speeds over 74 miles per hour? These storms can certainly create lots of flying debris and even rip the roofs off of housing! If you’re worried your roof won’t be able to stand up against an upcoming storm, there is a lot you can do to reduce the […]

Get To Know Your Roof!

Like the anatomy of a human, there are different parts of a roof that make it whole. There are many elements that can’t easily be viewed from ground level – sure, we know about shingles, but there is much more to a roof. Knowing the parts of your structure can make the idea of roof […]

How To Maintain Your Tile Roof

Did you know that tile roofs have been around since 3000 BC? If you have a tile roof, you’re carrying on this centuries-old tradition just by owning your home. Although tile roofs are extremely durable, you’ll need to maintain the tiles to keep your roof strong for years to come. At Destin Roofing, we’d love […]

7 Reasons to Upgrade Your Current Roof

Your roof is one of the most important aspects of your home. It protects you and your family from the elements and adds curb appeal to your property. However, over time, even the most well-maintained roof will begin to deteriorate and may require an upgrade. Our team at Destin Roofing understands that making that final […]

When to Call for Emergency Roof Service

As a homeowner, protecting your home from any harm is only part of your responsibilities. Though there are things you can do to prevent repairs, you can’t always guarantee the safety of your roof. Whether it is a roof leak or any other emergency, it’s crucial to tackle the issue immediately with professional help. If […]

5 Factors Affecting Your Roof’s Lifespan

A roof is a huge investment and a pretty penny. You’re probably expecting your roof to last a very long time, so roof maintenance may be on the back burner. In reality, a variety of factors affect how long your roof will actually survive. It might even mean the difference between a roof that lasts […]

Choosing A Roof Color Like A Pro

Choosing a roof color is one of the most influential design choices for your home. Colors have an enormous impact on the perception and aesthetic of your house, and they can really make a statement! If you want to establish your home as the ultimate modern-contemporary house on your block, your shingles can make it […]

What Is The Difference Between Commercial And Residential Roofing?

Are all roofs the same? While they all do serve the same purpose, the roofs attached to our homes and businesses are very different from each other. “But, how?” you might be wondering. Well, Destin Roofing is here to tell you! Residential Roofing Roofs on residential homes should last anywhere between 25 to 50 years […]

What To Do If A Tree Falls On Your Roof

Protecting your home from any harm is important, but it’s crucial to prepare for unexpected events as well. Did you know that trees can fall on top of your roof and cause major damage to your home? If this ever happens, it’s vital to tackle the issue immediately. If you’re unsure about what to do […]