Looking for a great new roof for your home? Classic Metal tile roofs have a longer lifespan than traditional asphalt roofs. This type of roofing is lighter than concrete and clay tile roofs. This makes Classic Metal tile roofs a more affordable roofing option when compared to these alternatives. There are many other benefits to installing a classic metal tile roof. This is the roof system that will last a lifetime when it is installed properly by a certified installer. Destin Roofing Inc. has the experience needed to install your Classic Metal tile roof properly.

Benefits of a Classic Metal Tile Roof

  • Strong
  • Lightweight
  • Easy To Install
  • Variety of Colors
  • Energy-Efficient
  • Made From Recycled Materials
  • 50 Year Warranty
  • Fire Resistant
  • Water Resistant
  • Wind Resistant up to 120mph
  • Hail Resistant

Destin Roofing Inc. partners with several reputable roofing material manufacturers. We recommend Classic Metal Roofing Systems, a division of Isaiah Industries because they are one of the premier metal roofing companies that have a more prestigious metal roofing profiles. Classic Metal Roof Systems has dedicated a lot of time and resources to develop a premier coating system to withstand the rigid elements near the coast. Feel free to visit their website and learn more about the products they offer.

Metal Shake / Country Manor Shake

Metal shake / Country Manor Shake roofs look like wooden shake roofs. However, homeowners are not saddled with maintenance and replacement fees for its upkeep. It is a better, more affordable option to get the wooden shake look without the added expense of it.

Metal Shingle / Rustic Shingle

Metal shingle / Rustic Shingle roofs resemble traditional asphalt shingle roofs. However, it does not need to be replaced every 10 or 15 years. It is a smarter way to give your house the look of asphalt shingles without the other disadvantages of it.

Slate Rock Oxford

Slate Rock Oxford is metal tile roof product that has the beauty of slate for your home. It employs realistic coloring to achieve the look of slate. Also, it has concealed fasteners to complete its colors and textures. It has an energy star rating, its color reflect heat, it has a lifetime warranty, and its warranty is transferable to a new owner.

Metal Tile / GrandeTile

Metal tile / GrandeTile roofs are lighter than concrete and clay tile roofs. It does not have the extra weight and other issues of concrete and clay tile roofs. It makes an affordable option for the home to give it the look of other tile roof options.

Standing Seam

Standing Seam roofs consist of a very long, vertical tile that runs across your roof. Also, it contains concealed fasteners to give it a clean look. It needs very little maintenance but it is one of the more expensive metal tile roofing options.

Metal Shake
Metal Shake Roof
Metal Shingle
Metal Shingle Roof
Oxford Slate
Oxford Slate Roof
Metal Tile
Metal Tile Roof
Standing Seam
Standing Seam Roof

When installed properly by a certified installer, this is the roof system that will last a lifetime. Contact Destin Roofing today.