Stone coated metal roofing in Destin is the latest trend along the coast. It started in New Zealand over 30 years ago and it has spread across the globe. More and more American homeowners are opting for this lightweight roofing option. The majority of traditional asphalt shingle roofs are able to support a stone coated metal roof in Destin and surrounding areas. Typically, an engineer won’t need to redesign trusses and load bearing walls for stone coated metal roof like they have to do for a concrete or clay tile roof.

Benefits Of A Stone Coated Metal Roof

  • Lightweight
  • Strong
  • Easy to Install
  • Color Doesn’t Fade
  • 50 Year to Lifetime Warranty
  • Fire Resistant
  • Water Resistant
  • Wind Resistant up to 120mph
  • Hail Resistant up to 3 inches
  • May Qualify For Insurance Premium Reductions

Destin Roofing Inc. is certified to install all types of stone coated metal roofing. Our strong partnership with Gerard,, allows us to bring you the highest quality stone coated metal tiles at the best prices. Gerard utilizes a multi-layer process to protect the metal from the harsh environment in coastal areas. Their products include a 50-year warranty for everything including rust. The 50-year warranty is valid if it was installed by a certified installer and the proper installation methods were observed. At Destin Roofing Inc., we meet the most stringent warranty guidelines set forth by Gerard.

Granite Ridge Shingle

Granite Ridge Shingle is a stone coated metal roof that looks like traditional asphalt shingles. However, it is two-thirds lighter than traditional shingles. They are available in 22 colors to easily match the look of any home.

Classic Tile

Classic Tile is the original stone coated metal tile roof made by Gerard. It employs 7 valleys in each tile to channel water away from the home. This is a very cost effective stone coated metal roof option that prioritizes form and function.

Canyon Shake

Canyon Shake is a stone coated metal roof that resembles an authentic wood shake roof. However, it doesn’t need costly maintenance or replacement like real wood shake. Also, it is available in 22 colors to choose from for your home.

Barrel Vault

Barrel Vault is a stone coated metal roof that is high profile or S-shaped tile that looks like concrete and clay tile roofs. However, it is lighter than real concrete and clay tile roofs. Since they are lighter, you don’t have to worry about the extra weight or other problems that comes with concrete and tile roofs.

Shingle Stone Coated Metal Roof
Classic Stone Coated Metal Roof
Canyon Shake
Canyon Shake Stone Coated Metal Roof
Barrel Vault
Barrel Vault Stone Coated Metal Roof

Gerard also offers 18 different colors available in the various profiles.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us about a Stone Coated Metal Roof System, and allow us to discuss the various details to help you choose the best roof for you.