Think you might have a leak in your roof, but having some trouble? You are not alone! Try these methods and tips for leak detection today.

One of the hardest parts about repairing your roof is finding the leak! Though it can be easy at times, you may run into some trouble finding the pesky problem. The most obvious signs of a leak are water stains on your ceiling, but it can still be tricky to pinpoint where it is coming from. However, there are a few ways such as inspecting your attic or roof, or getting a little creative and using your garden hose to figure out where leaks are coming from, stop them, and prevent more damage!

Below, you can find three methods for leak detection in your roof. If all else fails, contact Destin Roofing Contractors for more help!

roof inspection

The Garden Hose Method

Need to repair your roof but not sure where the leak is coming from? In times with no rain, try having a neighbor, friend or family member run a hose onto the roof section by section. While this is happening, go up into your attic. While your helper is showering the roof with water, inspect your attic and underneath your roof. By having the water flow over and act like rain, you can pinpoint which spots are leaking. Please be advised to use extreme caution, and remember that your best case scenario is to contact a plumbing contractor to assist you with the inspection.

Inspect Underneath Your Roof and Attic

If you’re still suspicious you have a leak, head up into the attic yourself with a flashlight and try to spot where the damage might be coming from. Be on the lookout for any water stains or mold growing. Water stains can grow on your ceiling, from the attic, and mold can linger and thrive on moisture, so any mold patches can pinpoint where the leak is coming from.

Also, check your insulation! When checking your roof for leaks, insulation can make it difficult to find the spot. But, it can also help you! With a flashlight, inspect your roof from under. Any areas or spots with insulation can help you detect the spot by removing the insulation carefully, and tracing the leak to its original spot. Make sure you are wearing the appropriate gear, such as gloves or a mask if you suspect mold is in the area or if insulation removal is needed! If any of these signs are present, you may need a roof repair.

Head on to Your Roof

Another way to find out where leaks may be coming from, if you can’t find the source, is to head up to the roof and see for yourself. Grab a ladder, and go up. Section by section, inspect your roof for possible cracks, missing shingles, or objects that may have caused damage. Make sure you are properly secured, and you have someone helping in case of accidents.

Make sure to check near any possible chimneys, windows or skylights, vents, fixtures, corners and seams along your roof. Possible leaks can occur in these areas, or if your gutters are backed up and blocked. If any, removal of debris or replacing missing, damaged shingles can be a quick fix to stop any leaks! When doing this, take serious caution as going onto your roof can be dangerous. If you do not feel comfortable doing this, contact a professional first!

Still Having a Hard Time? Contact a Professional!

If you have tried all options or tips and still can’t detect a leak in your roof, or if you do not feel comfortable inspecting your roof or attic yourself, you may need to contact a professional for help. Leaks detected early and quickly may just need a repair. However, if the damage is serious, you may need a whole roof replacement. Contact Destin Roofing Contractors for an inspection and roof repair today!