Roof installations can be done withHouse with Tile roof many different materials – tiles, slate, copper and metal. Although choosing a new roof for your house can be difficult, selecting roof materials for your coastal home is a more important decision due to the salt, moisture, sunshine and stormy weather it will have to withstand. Metal and tile roofs can both withstand the elements faced on the coast, but which one does it better for a good price?

Metal roofs

Designed to withstand extreme conditions, metal roofs will last longer than most other materials. These roofs are usually made from steel or aluminum but can be made from copper or titanium – it just depends on how much you want to spend. Each will withstand the extremes, but steel, the cheaper side, would last around 30-40 years, whereas titanium may last 50 years. Metal roofs will withstand strong gusts of wind, since they are seamed to the structure of the home.

Tile roofs

Tile roofs can be made out of concrete or clay. The concrete tile is made from a mixture of cement and sand, whereas the clay tile is fired in a kiln. The cost for tile roofing is higher than that of metal roofing, but this roof should protect just as well. Tile roofing can withstand strong gusts of wind, as they are smaller and have less leverage for the wind to pick up.

The Verdict

When choosing materials for your coastal house’s roof, explore your options. Metal roofing, in the long run, costs less than tile and holds up just as well.  Destin Roofing provides roof installation of both tile and metal, but coats the metal roofing to give it an extra layer of protection against the rigid elements of the coast.