roof lightingHanging up lights inside and outside of your home symbolizes the start of the holiday season. But be careful – the last thing you’d want is a damaged roof. Check out these tips for hanging up your lights this season so you don’t have to worry about any roof repair.

Avoid walking on your roof

First things first, try to hang the lights using a ladder. Walking on your roof can lead to roof damage and even physical damage to yourself if you slip up there. To help maximize the lifespan of your roof, try to avoid walking on it. A ladder will work just as well.

Attach the lights to your gutters or eaves

Once you’re on your ladder and start hanging up your lights, attach them to your gutters or to the eaves of your home if you can. Attaching the lights to your shingles isn’t a horrific idea, but it could potentially lead to roof and shingle damage, so be cautious. And of course, try to use light clips to attach the holiday lights.

Cover your roof before using nails or metal hooks

When you start to attach those lights to your roof, make sure your roof is covered if you decide to use nails or metal hooks. Covering your roof will help avoid any puncturing, which could lead to a leaking roof – something you definitely don’t want to deal with during the holiday season. But if you happen to poke a hole or two into your roof during the process, call a professional, like Destin Roofing, as soon as possible for help.

Extra tips

Here are a few more tips to keep in mind while hanging up those holiday lights:

  • Test your lights before you hang them up: don’t find out that half of your brand new lights don’t work once they’re already up.
  • Hang up the lights and clip them in the same direction, either pointing up or down.
  • Set a timer: don’t leave your lights on all night. Set a timer so they come on and go off exactly when you want them to.

Don’t let a damaged roof damage your holiday cheer. Call Destin Roofing for all of your roofing needs.