Roof repair and roof installation is a necessary investment in your home. The good news is sometimes this is covered by insurance. How can you know what is covered? Roofing insurance

What Is Covered?

It can be financially stressful when your roof experiences damage. One thing that can ease that stress is to know when your insurance will cover repairs. Well, the answer lies within the cause of the damage. A few common perils that your policy should cover are wind, hail, lightning, fire, vandalism, tornados and hurricanes. Depending on what you need done, your dwelling coverage should help you. Dwelling coverage is a policy that helps cover the cost of covered perils if you need to repair your house’s physical structure, like the roof. However, each policy is different and may come with exclusions or increased rates, depending on where you live.

What Isn’t Covered?

In any policy, there are bound to be a few exceptions. Hail and wind are one of the most common reasons for roof damages. Some states that are subjected to these conditions more often, like Kansas, may have to pay more. Most companies will cover damages to your roof that are caused by a hurricane. Insurance covers for the wind, and the debris from the wind, that can cause the roofing to come off. However, the insurance does not cover flooding damages due to the hurricane. It is always a good idea to look at the fine print in your policies and to get extra coverage, if needed.

What Can Affect Your Coverage?

Now that you know what your insurance covers, when do you have to pay? Well, insurance companies will only cover these damages if you don’t have an old roof and if there aren’t any unresolved maintenance issues. If your roof is roughly 20 years or older, likely your insurance company will only pay you the cash value of the roof. Some companies refuse to resign homeowners insurance unless it passes inspection. This is partially to promote maintenance for homeowners.

Whether your damages are covered or not, we are always happy to help. Contact Destin Roofing to repair your roof today!