Imagine this scenario: a massive thunderstorm has rushed through the Destin area, leaving damaged roofs and unhappy homeowners in its wake. The wind and driving rain mangled your gutters, stripped away some of your shingles and created lots of leaks. Should you patch up trouble spots or look into a roof replacement?

Here at Destin Roofing, we’re no strangers to Florida’s humidity and frequent downpours. Our team knows how to evaluate the state of your roof after severe weather, and can offer you high-quality repairs at affordable prices. For more information on how to tell whether your roof needs replaced or simply patched, read on!

Patching Roof Leaks

Here at Destin Roofing, our team of professional roofers has plenty of experience in patching up small areas of your roof. Patching involves removing and replacing shingle tiles that have been worn down or torn off. If you hear dripping noises in your home or come across streaks and stains on your walls, this may be a sign that you’ve sprung a minor leak.

Our technicians can do everything from small, isolated patch jobs to larger-scale sections. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team as soon as possible!

When Roof Repairs Aren’t The Solution

Does your roof look old and worn? Have you noticed water damage in your attic, around your chimney or near your skylights? Is there moss and algae growing on your shingles and discoloration around your vents? All of these things are visible clues that your roof needs some restoration.

The unfortunate truth is that there are times when you catch the leak a little too late. The damage has already happened and it’s beyond repair. That’s when it’s time to call in the roofing experts from Destin! From metal tiles to asphalt shingles and stone-coated metal, you can rest assured your roof will be durable and long-lasting after an appointment with us!

How Do I Choose Between Patching And Replacing My Roof?

Installing a new roof is a massive home improvement project that can be costly, while patch jobs are much more affordable. However, there is only so much a roof patch can do to protect you and your family from the elements outside. Some factors to consider while making your decision are the age of your roof, the current condition it’s in and the size of the damaged area. If more than 30 percent of your roofing is leaking, it’s time to replace it.

Let Our Professional Roofers Reinforce Your Home!

At Destin Roofing, our team is well known for their diligence, friendliness and efficiency no matter what kind of services you’re looking for! From roof installations to repairs and maintenance, we’ve been helping Emerald Coast homeowners with their roofs since 1981. Our company is respected throughout the Florida area, as well as verified through Angie’s List, the Better Business Bureau and more.

Feel free to contact us through our website by scheduling an appointment or give us a call today!