Florida Weather Roofs

Florida weather is hard to handle, dealing with everything from a heavy downpour to blazing sun, strong winds and tropical storms. Your roof takes the brunt of it year-round, going through the wear and tear of the extreme, tropical weather. Here’s how Florida weather affects your roof – and why it’s important.

Leaky Roofs

With heavy and torrential rain, your roof will deteriorate over time. Especially in hurricane season, rain tends to be sharp and hard, coming at a side angle rather than directly above you. This goes against the roof’s diagonally shaped structure, making it harder to deflect – and eventually allowing water to intrude your home.

One of the biggest roof problems in Florida is a leak after a storm. Be sure to check your ceiling for any dark or wet spots once the storm has passed. Any small leak can turn into a large problem if it’s not taken care of immediately, so be sure to have your roof inspected if you see signs of a leak.

Loosened Shingles

Strong gusts of winds can loosen your shingles and ruin your roof. Depending on different roof types, certain material may be able to withstand the extreme weather. After a while of battling the winds, however, your roof is likely to be damaged and weakened. Keeping a close eye on your roof and having it inspected every six months is a key step into making sure your roof and your house is safe. Look out for any dented, damaged, warped or loosened shingles.


The aftermath of a storm consists of broken branches, leaves and mud strewn about your deck and siding – key signs that your roof may be in the same state. The first place to look to know if your roof has any damage is your gutters. Clogged and dented gutters mean your roof most likely has debris scattered all over or hidden in crevices and corners. Not being able to see the leftover debris and leaving it alone could cause mold and bacteria to grow, damaging the shingles on your roof. It’s important to have your roof inspected after heavy rain and winds to make sure that debris will not damage your roof.

If you are in need of roof repair after a storm, call Destin Roofing for the best Florida roofing services in the state.