When in the building process or remodeling process of your home, roofing details can be one of the many areas that can easily slip your mind. If you want to make your home as energy efficient as you can, you may be wondering if the color of your roof would make a difference. For the most part, the color doesn’t make much of a difference, but some shingles do present benefits depending on the climate in your location. For this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of roofing colors on your home’s cooling efficiency.

Roofing colors

Light roof shingles

As usually seen on the houses that are located in warmer states, lighter-colored roof shingles are more popular. Lighter roof colors can help reflect the UV light that transports the heat into your home which, in turn, helps keep the inside of your home a little bit cooler. As a result, you can increase your energy efficiency by allowing your air conditioner to run less.

Dark roof shingles

The closer you move into the colder states, the more likely you are to see darker-colored roofing. Darker-colored shingles absorb heat fast than lighter colored shingles which allows the house to use that heat and run the heater less. Ultimately, it serves reversely the same purpose as the lighter shingles do for the warmer states.

The real purpose of roofing

When it comes down to it, the main purpose of your roof is to provide safety and security from the many factors that come from the outside. The shingles on your roof are what create the wind-resistant and water-tight seal that protects your roof from environmental factors. The roofing material that you use for your home serves the utmost importance, not the color.

Roof color

In one of our recent blog posts, How to Choose a Roof Color, we help you navigate through all of the factors of deciding on a roof color. Like mentioned earlier, the color of your roof only contributes a minimal amount to the overall efficiency of your home. So, while it doesn’t contribute too much, it can still be an important factor to consider in the building process or remodeling process of your home.

If the color of your roof is really important to you and you also want to increase your energy efficiency in your home, let the professionals at Destin Roofing help you. Contact us today for help in deciding which roof color is the best choice for your home.