If you’re considering the investment of a roof replacement or installation, there are multiple factors to consider. From front elevation to trim colors, many aspects of your home can affect the compatibility of the roof to the rest of the house – none more so than your siding. So how do you know what color roof will look best?

Solid-Color Sidingdestin roofing

No matter what material the siding of your home is made from, including stone, a good rule to follow is to choose a roof color that is darker than the siding – especially for solid-color siding. Even subtle contrasts will ensure balance in the appearance of your home. However, there are several more specific recommendations for each color of house.

Cool Colors

If the siding on your house is a cool color, such as blue or gray, the best roof colors would be slightly darker shades of slate gray, dark gray, black or blue. Cool colors complement each other and make the home stand out.


Yellow siding requires a black, brown, gray or blue roof to contrast its warmer tones. The best tip to avoid a rather startling contrast is to choose subtle shades for both the siding and the roof.


As one of the most popular house colors, white homes are very versatile and are balanced by most roof colors. Black, red and bare metal are the most common roof colors for white homes.


Homes with cream or beige siding work best with dark roofs like brown or gray. However, these homes also work with multi-colored blends, such as black/gray or blue/gray mixes.

Multi-Color Siding

If you have a multicolor exterior on your home, such as brick, you should let the undertones of the brick point you in the right direction for roof color.

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Orange/Red Brick

Brick with undertones of orange or red requires a roof with similarly warm tones. Sand, tan, brown and red work best for this siding, especially in asphalt shingles.

Brown/Cooler Brick

Cooler undertones in brick siding call for a similar blue/gray tone in the roof shingles.

All variations of brick siding also work with metal roofing, though it is recommended that a darker metal, such as black or dark gray, be used.

Picking a roof material and color is an important process to ensure the exterior of your home flows seamlessly. If you’re unsure which color or material fits your house best or have other roofing questions, Destin Roofing is more than happy to help. Contact us today for all your roofing contractor needs!