Whether you just bought a home and need a roof installation or your neighborhood just experienced bad weather and you need a roof repair, it is important to know when the best time will be to call a roofing company. Although it is possible to replace a roof in the winter, there are some things that you should know before doing so.

Best Roof Replacement Conditions

The ideal temperature for roof installation is between 40-85℉. Luckily for Floridians, extremely low temperatures are not a common issue. It is, however, an issue to replace a roof during rainy seasons. For this reason alone, it is recommended to wait until it is dry for a successful roof replacement.

Summer vs. Winter

contractor working on a roofing installationRoofing companies are usually the busiest during the summer because most roofing manufacturers produce shingles that require thermal sealing which can sometimes take weeks to seal properly, even with direct sunlight. Although it seems like replacing a roof during the summer is the best route, many companies increase their prices during this time which can be bad for your wallet. One thing to note about summer roof installations is that companies can sometimes be fully booked for the season since that is their busiest time of year, so it is best to schedule your roof installation and repairs early.

Replacing a roof in the winter means that there will be plenty of roof companies to choose from – and at a cheaper price. However, it is still an issue that many shingles rely on natural sunlight in order to seal properly. If you do decide to replace your roof during the winter, it is important to make sure that the roofing company you choose seals the shingles with caulk to make up for the lack of natural sealant. Roofing companies should also watch out for brittle shingles since they are prone to break more easily in colder weather.

Planning is Vital

Some roofing companies allow you to book their services months ahead, even with their discounted winter prices. So even if you decide that replacing your roof in the winter is not the best idea, you can still take advantage of the cheaper prices during the winter to secure a company to install your roof during the spring or early summer. Above all, it is extremely important to plan your roof replacement early to ensure that your roof installation is done as professionally as possible.

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