The roof codes in Florida are going to be seeing a lot of changes relatively soon! Recently, the Florida Roofing and Sheetmetal Contracts Association has been revising Florida’s current building codes. These code changes have noticeably shifted a lot of responsibility onto different insurance companies to replace entire roofs for partial damage and match roof tiles, all while keeping deductibles as low as possible for Florida residents.

If you’re wondering about how the new building codes could affect your home, you don’t have to wonder much longer! Destin Roofing is here to offer all of the information that you need.

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25% Rule will No Longer Require 100% Repair

One of the most notorious roofing rules in Florida is that if a quarter of the roof is damaged, the entire roof should be replaced. This is a unique law to Florida, as most landlocked states don’t place that responsibility on roofing contractors and home insurers.

Most roof codes have less distinct wording that allows for industry competition in what would qualify for an entire replacement, meaning that there is more market competition and consumers have a choice in what they get covered.

In a 2022 state legislative session, Florida roofing and home insurers have asked for some relief through these different reforms. While many have worried about the integrity of roofing systems post legislation, the incentive to invest in a quality roof goes down significantly with the 25% rule.
This means that while you may pay more upfront, you save more in the long run.

Two Layers of Shingles Don’t Always Need to be Replaced

Part of the changes that Florida’s Roofing and Sheetmetal Contracts Association have proposed is that whenever roofs have been damaged, not every single layer of shingle needs to be replaced.
This is a change from the roof codes that would require every layer of the roof to be replaced whenever the top shingle has been broken, which ends up doing more harm to businesses than good.

Roof Tiles Don’t Have to Match

The matching rule is one that is relatively simple to understand but can be a pain whenever you’re trying to repair your roof.
Florida roofing codes explain that unless your insurance company specifies otherwise, a loss in your roof should be replaced reasonably by an insurer who will match the quality, color, and size of the tile.

While we all want our roofs to look great after they have been replaced, roof codes might prohibit contractors from taking the best course of action even temporarily.


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