You wouldn’t go on a first date looking anything less than your best, because everyone knows first impressions go a long way. It shouldn’t be any different when you’re putting your house on the market. new roof value Improving your home’s curb appeal is a crucial part of determining the value of your home – and includes re-painting and roofing replacement.


The first thing potential buyers see when house hunting is the home’s exterior. Your home’s exposure to the elements creates wear and tear on your paint, which can lead to chipping and peeling. If power washing your home’s front door and exterior doesn’t give you the look you want, consider re-painting. This gives you the opportunity to change the color and gives your home a crisp look.

Roof Replacement

Roofing replacement is another way to increase your home’s curb appeal and make it look brand new. It will also guarantee to the buyers that there is no chance of their roof leaking or having other problems any time soon. Most potential buyers are looking for a home that isn’t going to require a ton of work post-purchase. This is why investing in roof installation before putting your home on the market increases its value.

Hire an Inspector

Chances are your buyer will hire an inspector before buying your house. Stay ahead of the game and avoid potential problems that could make or break the sale by hiring an inspector of your own. Hiring a professional gives you the chance to find things you may have missed and presents the opportunity to weigh your options on whether to fix it or forget it.

Purchasing a home is a big investment – so when it comes to selling your home, every detail matters. Updating the details of your home’s exterior will not only increase your home’s value by making it more desirable but also show your buyer your home’s potential without having to use their imagination.

Gauge your home’s curb appeal by standing on the opposite side of the street and ask yourself if you would buy your home if you were seeing it for the first time. If your roof is missing shingles, leaking or just seen too many years, it’s definitely a good idea to invest in roofing replacement before putting your home on the market. Call Destin Roofing today to learn more about roof installation, and let our roofers assist in getting your home ready for sale.