The entire state of Florida is notorious for intense weather. It is the rainiest state in the entire country, and unfortunately, experiences hurricanes many years. Niceville happens to be located in one of the most hurricane-prone regions of the state. Because of the uncontrollable weather, roof problems can happen frequently.Niceville Roofer

Consider these top roof problems in Niceville.

Shingle Damage

Whether your home has shingles or tiles, extreme weather can rip them right off. Since strong thunderstorms are common in Florida, wind and hail are among the most common offenders for damage to roofs. The region has a lot of big trees, and if lightning strikes them, they can fall apart and cause serious problems. Damage to shingles causes cosmetic damage and can lead to worse problems, such as leakage, if not handled immediately.


A roof leak is the most common problem that can occur. Every time a storm hits your home, the roof becomes weaker, and more areas become exposed. Even a small leak has the potential to do major damage to your home. With heavy amounts of rain all year long, it’s best to have a technician come out to do an inspection and make a roof repair if necessary.

Puddling Water

The natural shape of a roof is designed to have excess water flow off. Even flat roofs are equipped with the proper drainage systems to avoid puddles of water. If puddling occurs, there is most likely a problem with your roof that needs to be handled immediately. Otherwise, you may be dealing with a whole host of other problems. Excess water that has been sitting can lead to mold and mildew, which is quite common in a humid climate such a Florida.

To avoid major damage, it is best to get regular inspections from a trusted roofing technician. For any questions about repairs or installation, call the professionals at Destin Roofing, your Niceville roofer.