Choosing a type of roof can be difficult when you don’t know the differences between the two options. There are both pros and cons when it comes to a tile roof and a shingle roof. Due to various wants and needs, these features can affect everyone’s choices differently. Whatever your situation may be, here are a few differences and similarities between tiles and shingles.

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When it comes to which of the two is more affordable, shingles take the cake. Tile is significantly more expensive, costing as much as $3 more per square inch. Cost is often the defining feature that has homeowners opting for shingles. Before investing based on cost alone, it is important to know tile is more expensive for a reason.

Durability and Up Keep

Tile roofing is more expensive because of its longevity and low-maintenance attributes. While cost may attract you to shingles, they only last you about 20 years. Tile can last more than 50 years, so the cost may just be worth it. However, not every roof is able to withstand the weight of the heavy tile. While tile can last longer, it can crack if walked on and is harder to reinstall.

Weather Conditions

Both tile and shingle roofing are fitted for cold and warm climates. Snow is able to slide off of shingle roofing, and tile is able to sustain the heavy weight. However, out of the two, shingles are best suited for hot weather. They reflect sunlight and cool down houses, which also helps with AC costs. Tiles are the way to go if you live in areas where rain and winds are intense. This is more likely to knock off shingles compared to tile.

Resale Value

Whenever making big alterations to your house, it is important to think of how it will affect the value of your home. Luckily, both of these options add resale value. Tile is more popular and offers more variety that can suit and style most homes. It also appeals more to eco-friendly homeowners.

Whether it’s tile or shingles you end up choosing, we have it all! Contact Destin Roofing for more information!