Metal RoofIf you are looking for a unique way to change up the curb appeal of your home, a metal roof can make a world of a difference without breaking your bank.Whether you’re thinking about upgrading your current roof or building a new home, there are several options to think about when it comes to choosing a roof. If you are bored of the plain ol’ shingle roof, it doesn’t hurt to look into all the options and benefits that come with a metal roof installation. To give you a better idea of what metal roofing looks like, here are some of the most popular metal roof types.

Standing Seam

If you are wanting a modern-looking exterior, we suggest the standing seam metal roof. These have concealed fasteners that attach to your roof. They are known for being lightweight and low maintenance. Because of the concealed fasteners, they run a lower risk of water leakage. Standing seam metal roofs have been around for centuries and will last you up to 50 years.

5V Crimp

5V Crimp metal roofing uses exposed fasteners to attach the panels to your roof. Due to the fact that the fasteners are exposed, the cost of 5V Crimp roofs are lower than other roofs that use hidden fasteners. They are also known for being lightweight, low maintenance and can last homeowners up to 50 years. The largest benefit in choosing to install a 5V Crimp roof is its cost effectiveness.

Rib Metal

Rib Metal roofs are one of the most popular type of metal roofing. This is simply because they include all the benefits of other metal roofing, such as, weight, maintenance requirements and lifespan – but they are also one of the most affordable metal roofs on the market.

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