While we here at Destin Roofing want only the best for our customers and your roofing needs, not every roofing contractor will treat you the same or aim to provide you with such quality roof installation services.

roofing mistakes

Just because a roofing contractor or a team of roofers claims to be experienced and professional doesn’t mean they actually are, and it certainly doesn’t mean that they have your best interests in mind. In fact, quite the opposite might be true. Other roofing companies may be looking to take advantage of home or business owners who don’t have much experience with, or knowledge about, roofing and the best roofing practices.

We don’t expect you to become a roofing expert overnight. That’s why Destin Roofing has created a checklist for customers to review and ensure that they are receiving the best roofing service possible. Use this resource to investigate the roofing companies that knock on your door and hopefully prevent poor roofing in the future.

If you notice any of the following mistakes being made during your roof installation it may be a sign that the roofing crew you hired is inexperienced.

Shingles Are Nailed Incorrectly

When laying shingles, experienced roofers should know where exactly on the shingles to hammer nails as well as how much pressure should be applied to drive nails in properly. Members of an inexperienced crew often make the mistake of driving nails into improper placements as well as applying too much or too little pressure when driving the nails.

These mistakes can lead to roofing issues such as loose shingles and shingles being easily blown off by the wind. If you notice that multiple shingles are coming loose and blowing off of your roof, you should seek out professional help in your area immediately. Missing shingles can lead to more serious and costly damage to your home. At Destin Roofing we can help fix shingles that have been nailed incorrectly as we offer residential and Florida roof repair services.

Mismatched Shingles

If you notice that some of the shingles on your roof are a different color than others, or that there are multiple different colors of shingles on your roof, it’s probably an indicator that your roofing contractor bought the wrong materials and isn’t very experienced. Mismatched shingles are a sign that your roofer might have bought materials from multiple suppliers, resulting in color shades that don’t match and are varied.

Remedying your roof’s mismatched shingles can be rather costly as you’ll likely have to buy an entirely new batch of shingles from a single supplier or manufacturer.

Working Without a Permit

Before beginning your roof installation your contractor should obtain a permit from the city as most roofing projects have permit requirements that must be met. If city or town building inspectors drop by your home while your roofer is working and they can’t produce a permit, the contractor you hired probably forgot or didn’t know about the requirements and is inexperienced. Alternatively, your contractor working without a permit could also mean that they’re operating without being fully licensed (as they would have to show licensing proof to obtain a permit for the project from the city).

Even though your contractor should be obtaining the permit for the project on your behalf, you will be the person held liable for any un-permitted work being done on your property. This means that on top of not being able to have your roof installation completed, you’ll also have to pay some very costly fines.

Your contractor working without a permit, whether purposefully or on accident, can be very detrimental to you and your home, which is why you should research reliable and experienced Destin roofing services and companies prior to hiring anyone.

Ultimately, if you see your contractor making any of the above mistakes it probably means the roofer(s) you hired is inexperienced. You should also stop the roofing crew from working if you can and seek out other roofing professionals or Florida roof repair services in your area. And, in the future, you should be sure to conduct dedicated research when trying to find Destin roofing and Florida roof repair services.

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