Roofs often naturally reach the end of their lifespan without a disaster involved. The lifespan of a roof is upwards of 20 years. With regular maintenance, a roof can surpass that. However, there are many cases of disasters that cause the rapid decay of your roof, or maybe it’s just too old.

It is essential to identify what is happening with your roof to know when your home needs a roof replacement. Delaying replacement could cause more significant problems for you and your home. Below, your Destin Roofing experts have compiled the noticeable signs that your roof requires repair.

Curled Shingles

If your shingle edges are curling, this is a sign of poor ventilation and, in turn, causes moisture to become trapped in your roof decking. Trapped moisture may not always result in leaking, but it is an underlying issue. Call in an expert to prevent furth damage to your roof.

Water Damage Or Leaks

Water damage and leaks are a sure sign that your roof needs a repair, at the very least. Roofing is designed to keep water and damaging debris out of your home. If it’s not doing well in its primary function, it’s time to call a professional about a replacement.

Look for water damage on the ceiling or in the attic. Peeling paint or wallpaper, moisture marks and deep colored stains are all signs that water damage is present.

Missing Shingles

If you notice that large portions of shingles are missing from your roof, your home is not adequately protected. These missing shingles can be due to rotting or improper installation of the initial roof.

Excessive Gutter Build-up

Finding granules, pieces of shingles or any other roofing material in your gutters is not a good sign. This means your shingles are decaying. Even if it’s slowly over time, those small pieces can become whole shingles in no time. Consistently check your gutters for roofing material to be aware of any problems arising.

Moss And Mold

Moss and mold thrive when your roof retains excess moisture. Although moss and mold seem like relatively easy problems to solve, you still have to get to the bottom of why they appeared in the first place. Contact an expert to inspect your roof and give you the best options for replacement.

Your Roof Is At Least 20 Years Old

Although shingles are made with durability, that doesn’t make them last forever. Once your roof material has hit the 20-year mark, it’s time to look into a roof replacement. Your roof may be in relatively good condition after the 20-year mark, but you’re on borrowed time!

Re-Roofing May Be Right For You

Re-roofing is the process of laying new shingles on top of old ones. If your roof is in good condition and has few problems, re-roofing may be right for you. It’s an excellent option for homeowners dealing with minor issues or looking to upgrade the look of their roofs. However, this process can only be done once. So it is not a repeatable alternative to getting a complete roof replacement.

If you suspect your roof is suffering damage, are aware of visible signs of aging and decay or have more roofing questions, give our roofing experts at Destin Roofing a call. We have the experience to evaluate and perform flawless roof repairs and replacements!