Where To Begin With Your Roof

Choosing a roof color is an enjoyable and important facet of roof installation. An attractive exterior can complete a home and properly match it with your environment, but a poor choice of color can ruin an otherwise solid design.

Whether you’re looking for colors for shingles or metal designs, Destin Roofing can show you how to complete your home with the perfect touch. Every home has something to express and that can be conveyed with the proper choice of color.

Make Use Of Color Contrast

Your roof material is one of the most noticeable parts of your house, so color contrasts stand out that much more. Metal roofing can be useful here since their colors can be diverse, giving you more room to match tones.

If you have solid-color siding, you’ll usually want a roof of a darker color than the siding. All colors on the spectrum match and mesh with different hues — you can use your siding to help find a color that will compliment your home.


White homes are not only common, but they also match with roofs of nearly any color. Black, brown, gray and brighter colors like green can all fit well atop a white house.


While brown homes are also very common, they have a conservative charm that can set them apart. Darker colors like gray can help the brown stand out, but these homes can also match with blue and green roofs.

Cool Colors

Cool colors like gray and blue go well with darker shades. Since these cool hues complement one another, you might want the top of your home to be a darker blue or darker gray, or even black.

Cream Or Beige

Beige or cream houses can benefit from dark-colored roofs like brown, gray and black. Multi-color mixes like blue and gray also match well with these designs.


For yellow siding, you’ll want a roof that stands out from its warm tone. The best choices are brown, blue, gray and black.

Multi-Color Siding

Getting some matching hues for multi-color siding isn’t always as simple as with solid color. The best way to find a pleasing contrast is to focus on undertones. Warm undertones tend to match with warm roofs, and much the same, cool undertones with cool roofs.

As one example, red undertones would work well with warm sandy or brown colors. Blue or gray undertones would likewise work with roofs of those same cool colors.

Know Your Housing Style

Finding a good roof color isn’t just about matching it with other colors. All homes have different architectural styles which will mesh with certain colorings. Consider your house’s style before making a choice.

Colonial, Victorian and other historical homes are well-suited for more formal, traditional colors. Earthy tones like gray and brown make the design feel more genuine and timeless.

Compare this with country and cottage styles — while they likewise go well with brown, they are casual enough to sport green or beige. The use of green can highlight a connection to nature in these styles.

Know Your Home’s Surroundings

Your house isn’t an island — recognizing your home’s surroundings will help it complement them better, improving its overall appearance. Are you surrounded by lush greenery? Then a good blend of earthy colors will make your home feel like a part of its environment.

Don’t forget to take the designs of your neighboring houses into consideration. A home that matches or complements its companion houses will be quite visually pleasing. In the opposite case, potential buyers won’t be looking for a home that sticks out like a sore thumb. Review these surroundings to find a good feel for your roof design.

Know What You Want For Your Exterior

At the end of the day, a house’s color is expressive, and it’s up to you to decide what you want your home to say and communicate. If you want to stand out, then your house could benefit from bright, warm colors or heavily contrasting hues.

If you’re aiming for a home with a “reduced” presence, then opt for darker or more muted tones. While there are reasons to explore all kinds of color combinations, what matters most is how you want your house to express itself.

Turn To Your Professional Roofing Company

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