Destin Roofing knows that choosing a roofing material can be overwhelming, but we want to give you as much information as possible and address any concerns you have before your roof installation. You should feel confident in your choice of roof material – you’re the one who has to deal with future roof repairs and maintenance after all! 

asphalt roofing

Used in quality roofing since the 1900s, asphalt shingles have a long history of protecting homes from the elements. With modern designs and increased consideration for the health of the environment, asphalt shingles maintain their status as one of the best roofing options. Read on for some answers to commonly asked questions about asphalt roofing.

6 Queries About Asphalt Shingles

Is asphalt roofing a popular choice?

Asphalt shingles can be found on over 75% of the residential roofs across America! That means that the majority of your neighbors, friends and family most likely use asphalt shingles to protect their homes. Sometimes public opinion can be a powerful vote of confidence, and asphalt roofing satisfies most of the country.

What’s the difference between fiberglass and asphalt shingles?

Fiberglass and asphalt shingles are the same thing! The shingles are made up of an under layer of fiberglass that helps strengthen the shingle and resist the spread of fire. The top layer is made of asphalt which protects the home from leaks and weather. These shingles are also referred to as composite shingles because they are composed of multiple materials.

What is a fire rating for roof materials?

If a fire ever occurs – either nearby or within the home itself – your roof is the most vulnerable area of the home. That’s why roofing materials are made with specific fire resistant materials. These materials are rated according to how well they can withstand exposure to fire. Asphalt shingles are rated Class A, the highest rating, and can withstand burning fire for two hours before they are affected.

How long do asphalt roofs last?

Like any roofing material, the lifespan of asphalt shingles varies depending on the climate it is exposed to, the damage it experiences and the maintenance it receives over the years. Some asphalt roofs can last 25 years before wearing down, while others may see algae growth, hail damage or extreme temperatures that drop their lifespans down to 15-20 years.

What color options are there for asphalt shingles?

Back in the 1900s asphalt shingles only came in black or green. These days, you can find variations of almost any color in asphalt shingles. From black and grays to neutral tans and browns and even blues, reds and greens! There is an option to match any home exterior and make your house have great curbside appeal.

Are asphalt shingles eco-friendly?

Unlike many other roof materials that are disposed of in landfills, asphalt shingles can be recycled. Asphalt is cheaper to recycle than any other roofing material, and many cities run roof-to-road programs where they use recycled roof asphalt to pave streets. 

Have More Asphalt Roof Questions?

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