rain pounding down on roof during hurricane season

Did you know that hurricanes travel at speeds over 74 miles per hour? These storms can certainly create lots of flying debris and even rip the roofs off of housing! If you’re worried your roof won’t be able to stand up against an upcoming storm, there is a lot you can do to reduce the amount of damage that your home will experience during a hurricane.

At Destin Roofing, we have been through our fair share of hurricanes! When you’re looking for protection, you have lots of options that can help. Through one of our expert staff, you can secure protection for your roof at an affordable price and great service.

Helping Your Roofing Survive A Hurricane: Tips And Tricks

Helping your roof survive a hurricane doesn’t have to be hard! Our team is here to guide you through some steps you can take to keep your property protected this storm season. Read on to learn some of our top tips.

1. Secure Your Roof, Windows and Doors

Making sure to support your home before a hurricane hit is paramount for safeguarding against costly damages. To begin, reinforcing your roof is a great way to make sure that it doesn’t suffer the full force of winds and water that occur during a hurricane.

Storm straps or clips will firmly attach your roof to the walls of your house, providing an extra layer of protection against wind and storm damage. Hurricane straps can be added to an existing roof, but should only be installed by professionals.

Installing impact-resistant shutters and storm panels for your windows and doors will reduce the risk of breakage and shield your home from flying debris. Impact-resistant glass is also a great permanent option for window protection, especially for homeowners in the Jupiter area.

2. Clear Your Surroundings

One of the most underrated steps for hurricane damage prevention is clearing your surroundings. Flying debris can cause a lot of damage to your house in a short amount of time. Loose objects become dangerous projectiles, which can pose a threat to your home and power lines.

Make sure to check and clear your gutters and drainage systems to ensure that they don’t have any debris, facilitating proper water flow and reducing the amount of flooding around your house. Properly ensuring that all tools, equipment and outdoor toys are in a secure location will prevent them from flying toward your house and windows during a storm.

3. Hire A Roofing Contractor

To prevent damage during a hurricane, hiring a professional roofer is an essential step in making sure that your home has ample preventative maintenance. By looking for roofers with proven experience in hurricane repairs and installations, you can ensure that you’ll have full access to all of the prevention methods that you prefer.

Our team is experienced in providing our customers with expert roof repairs and installations. Reach out to learn more about hurricane straps or clips to anchor your roof to your walls. By hiring someone reliable, you can rest assured that your roof will be better prepared both before and after hurricane damage.

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